At this time of year, we usually find that we are talking to lots of business who want to spend money. For much of the year, businesses try to conserve expenditure where they can, but the EOFY is different. When the EOFY is looming, many businesses find that they have funds left in their allocated budgets that they won’t be able to benefit from after June 30th. In July they get their new budget and can still contract maintenance works. But any money left in their maintenance budget from the previous financial year is forfeited.


For us at HALLMARK COMMERCIAL, EOFY is a lovely time of year. That’s because this scenario leads to preventative maintenance. Throughout the rest of the year, we are called out to repair and fix things that have broken or malfunctioned. But when there’s none of that kind of work required, and people want to spend their maintenance budgets, proactive maintenance is the go.

Proactive maintenance is much more pleasurable to work on. There’s less urgency and desperation, decisions are made out of logic and reason rather than necessity, and pre-empting works is always much more pleasant than trying to solve a pressing issue.


July is similar. When departments get their new budgets in July, planned maintenance is considered. Businesses look at what they want to do, and can do, rather than what they have to do. This puts us in a position where we are helping businesses achieve their goals, rather than trying to get them out of a hole.

If you’ve got budgets to spend, whether they be almost over or just beginning, let us help you out. We can show you how to squeeze every bit of benefit out of your maintenance dollar. Give our Operations Manager Doug a call on 0415 585 553, or drop him a line here.