If your business is relocating, it can be an exciting time for all involved. That is, it “can” be.

It can also turn quickly in to a stressful, time consuming, and expensive ordeal.

Most commercial leases have clauses in them that require that exiting tenants do certain things to the property when they leave. This can require multiple trade based businesses being contracted to undertake all the end of lease make-good work.

So there’s the hassle of finding the trades, booking quotes, waiting for quotes, chasing quotes, approving quotes, booking the jobs, signing off on the work, and paying the bill. And depending on what work needs doing, this process can be multiplied upwards of 6 or 7 times (by however many trades you need to contract).

Or, you can call HALLMARK COMMERCIAL. Usually we can take care of the lot. On the rare occasion there’s something we don’t do, we know the right people to collaborate with to get it done.

We cut down all the fuss, all the waiting, and all the chasing. And with us, you get to deal with one person the whole time. Plus, with us taking care of the lot, overheads are reduced allowing us to do a great price for you.

Relocating should be fun. Don’t do it the hard way. Let the team from HALLMARK COMMERCIAL take care of the lot, so you can focus on your next move.