Just recently we were asked to construct a bike storage area in the car park of an office building. New tenants had recently moved in, and during the lease negotiations they had organised with the Landlord to have a ‘Bike Cage’ built. Their previous tenancy had a bike cage that many of their staff utilised.

We weren’t actually the first company the Landlord contacted for a quote. He had received a quote from one of our competitors before he contacted us. Apparently that quoted price was fine, but during the booking in of the job, the other contractor ticked off the Landlord so he cancelled the work.

We were then phoned and asked to provide a price. To this day we still don’t know what our competitor’s price was. But we’re told that our price was significantly better. Our price was accepted instantaneously, materials ordered (from the great folks at Pooraka Fencing Supplies), and the job booked in.

In the photo above you can see the area before we started work, and the finished product. Although we had never built a specific ‘Bike Cage’ before, we had installed fencing using the same materials. So it was a pretty smooth installation process.

With a custom-built gate to fit the unique gate opening width, and upright poles cut specifically to length, the bike cage was installed with minimal fuss and disruption to the new and other established tenants.

We like to think that this is a stellar example of why HALLMARK COMMERCIAL is the best choice when it comes to unique installations or maintenance requirements at your commercial property. Our price was better, we don’t frustrate our customers, our installation was swift and fuss-free, and the quality of our workmanship is unrivalled.

If you’d like a bike storage area installed at your premises, give our Operations Manager Doug a call on 0415 585 553 to discuss the options. Or, drop him an email here.