I’m always astonished at the poor conditions of the car park areas I see at different businesses. It astonishes me for two reasons…

1 – First impressions count.

Picture your potential customers dodging pot-holes, confronted by rubbish, weeds and debris, and squinting to see the line marking. These customers are already formulating a subconscious opinion about your business. And it’s not a good one.

2 – Great looking car park areas are cheap to create and maintain.

From a business-sense point of view, there is no adequate reason for not having a great looking car park area. Even the worst-looking car park can be turned into something presentable at very low cost. And due to the nature of the works, the result is long-lasting and cheap to maintain.

Simple works such as refreshing the line marking can often make a tired looking parking area look instantly more presentable. (While I think of it, have you checked the requirements for disabled parking spaces lately? They changed not long ago).

Bark chips, stones, or pebbles, can transform dirt areas into landscaped features. Or perhaps you’d prefer some quick mulch and some native plants to create a garden bed effect?

And graffiti. Why do people put up with graffiti for so long? If it’s eradicated quickly, often enough, the offenders get sick of no-one seeing their “art” and they find somewhere new to attack.

Maybe I need to get out more, but to me, a well designed and maintained car park is truly impressive. With the low cost involved, I can’t for the life of me understand why there are horrible looking car parks out there.


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