As a company that specialises in maintenance for commercial properties, were called upon to undertake a lot of car park maintenance. It’s not a super technical field of maintenance, but it is an area where experience makes all the difference. From the filling of a pothole, to a complete surface re-lay, car parks are best maintained by a crew who know what they’re doing and have seen it all.

At HALLMARK COMMERCIAL, we provide car park maintenance services in every facet you can imagine. We’re regularly applying line marking (or removing old work), installing wheel stops and signage, cleaning and repairing drains, and many other tasks that if overlooked can lead to headaches and expense down the track.


And that’s the key point here. Preventative maintenance is infinitely cheaper than reactive maintenance, and never more so than in car parks. If lack of maintenance leads to personal injury or vehicle damage, the costs can be horrendous. There are even people who will go looking for things to “injure” themselves on so they can sue. You need to ensure they can’t find anything tangible in your car park.

Plus, preventative maintenance means that damage or issues are found early when they are still relatively cheap to repair. If left unattended, what could have been a minor expense can blow out and become a major financial problem. The costs on business are hard enough to manage these days, without unnecessarily high repair bills.

If after all that you’re still not convinced, think about what’s going through your customer’s minds as they’re parking. Are they impressed by the clean, welcoming space in which they leave their vehicle? Or are they already wondering what kind of company would have such a horrible looking car park (and we’ve all seen some terrible car parks).

We can come and assess your car park free of charge. If we see any urgent issues, or maybe some just some cosmetic suggestions, we’re happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.

Just give our Operations Manager Doug a call on 0415 585 553. Or drop him a line here.