Most people don’t think much of car parks. They’re the places where we park our cars while we’re shopping, or at an appointment, or visiting someone. They’re also the places our vehicles get scratched and even broken into.

At HALLMARK COMMERCIAL, we love car parks.

Frankly, that’s because they’re good sources of work for us. They require constant ongoing maintenance, and their upkeep needs to be on the ball to avoid injury and litigation. For these reasons, we’ve spent a lot of time working in car parks over the years, and we now consider ourselves to be somewhat specialists in this field.

Whether it’s line marking, or surface repairs, or signage, barriers, or cleaning, we’re the team to make sure your car park is up to code, safe, and accommodating.

It might not be the most glorious work out there. But to us, it’s serious business that we’ve become very good at.

Are you responsible?

If you’re a commercial Landlord or Property Manager, you’re probably responsible for car parking areas. If anyone gets hurt, or their vehicle is damaged in a car park that you manage or own, the resulting litigation can be brutal. Not to mention the guilt or shame that can be associated with someone getting hurt in an area that is your responsibility.

Our specialty.

Line marking is what we love most. There’s just something about measuring out and marking up a car park that is very satisfying. Our Customers love it too. Obviously not as much as us. But when they see their freshly line marked car park the feedback we get is brilliant.

If you need anything done in your car park, drop us a line here and our Operations Manager Doug will get back to you ASAP. Or, give him a call on 0415 585 553.