Working in the commercial property field, we tend to undertake a lot of works in car parks. Personally, I love the car park works we do, as they can be high-impact at low expense. This means our customers get a great result at a price that doesn’t break their budget.


The photos here are a great example. Before we started work, the area was completely overrun with weeds. There was also tyres and other rubbish, and broken concrete curbing. On day one of the project we removed all the weeds and rubbish, and installed a treated pine barrier along the fence to hold in the pebbles. On day two we laid the weed matting.


Day three is when things started to go pear-shaped, and this is why you need a competent and experienced Project Management company organising your works. The landscape supplies company phoned to say that they were on site, an hour early. They wanted to dump the pebbles and leave. The problem being, we needed to be on site to direct them exactly where to drop the loads.

We took control over the phone, and gave them clear but explicit instructions on where to make the drops, and how much to dump in each spot. To the driver’s credit, he followed the instructions perfectly. We arrived as quickly as we could, just in time to see the truck drive away.

At this point, the bobcat driver we’d contracted called to say he was unable to make it. So we were looking at 13.5 tonnes of Moriac Pebbles that needed to be shifted from the car parks into the garden bed. We know from experience that finding a bobcat operator with zero notice is impossible, but we also didn’t want to leave the pebbles in the customer’s way. So we rolled up our sleeves and broke out the shovels. Three hours later we had all 13.5 tonnes of pebbles shovelled into the garden beds and the car parks cleared and cleaned.

If your car park is looking a bit daggy, give us a call on 0415 585 553, and we can give you some simple and cost-effective options for making it something you’re proud for your customers to see. Or, drop us an email here.