For the last week two weeks we’ve been flat out repairing ceilings around Adelaide that have sustained water damage. In every case, the ceiling damage has been caused by blocked gutters and downpipes. Worse than that, nearly every one of these occurrences could have been prevented cheaply and effectively.

The lucky ones

When a gutter or a downpipe blocks up, usually due to leaf and tree debris, gutters back-up and overflow. If you’re lucky, the overflow will fall over the outer edge of the gutter and onto the ground. This is inconvenient but doesn’t cause any damage to the building.

Not so lucky.

However, if you’re unlucky, the back-flow will overflow back under the roof, into the roof cavity. When this happens, a whole assortment of damage and dangers can occur. Your roof is full of items that don’t mix well with water. Ceiling plaster, insulation, electrical work, and more. When these items come into contact with water, it’s time to open your wallet.

The smart ones.

But, as I say, these expensive water damage repairs can be avoided. All it takes is regular roof and gutter cleaning. We recommend one clean every three months. In most instances, four cleans a year is enough to eradicate any build-up of leaf and tree debris before it accumulates enough to cause blockages.

Why ceiling tiles?

So why is this all so specifically relevant to ceiling tiles today? Well, that’s because ceiling tiles are always the most susceptible to visually assessable water damage. A plaster ceiling will sustain more water before any stains or damage are visible. This is a little scary, because the damage is still there, even though it’s not so visible. With ceiling tiles though, it only takes a very small amount of water before you can see stains as an indication of what’s happening.

The good news is, ceiling tiles are comparably cheap and fuss-free to replace. To replace one square metre of plaster ceiling, you’re looking at at least two days work, once you factor in replacement, sanding, painting, and clean-up. One square metre of ceiling tiles takes about 15 minutes to replace, at most.

Safest and cheapest?

Regardless of what type of ceiling you have, your best bet for avoiding costly repairs to your ceiling (and walls, and floors, and timber-work) is regular gutter cleaning. We offer a fuss-free service where we schedule regular roof and gutter cleaning for our customers. It’s a ‘set and forget’ service where our customers no longer need to even consider what’s happening on their roof and in their gutters. We assess the trees in the surrounding area and schedule regular cleaning intervals based on the amount of debris that will need eradicating.

If you’d like to talk to us about ceilings, ceiling tiles, roof’s, gutters, or any other maintenance tasks, contact our Operations Manager Doug on 0415 585 553. Or send him an email here.