At least three times a week we are out there repairing broken doors for our customers. Whether it’s a damaged handle, or a broken hinge, or an over-zealous door closer, their maintenance needs to be regular.

I’m still surprised though when I go to premises at other times and find their doors not working properly. Especially if it’s somewhere I go regularly and the doors been malfunctioning for a while.

Broken doors – They’re a bad look.

Discerning customers will notice it and it will lower their opinion of your business. Even customers who don’t notice it will still walk into your premises with the wrong frame of mind.

No one likes fighting with broken doors. And nothing’s worse than looking like a goose due to a shonky door. If you’re making your customers feel stupid when they try to come in, they’re unlikely to come back.

And even if the door “doesn’t feel too bad” to you, how do you know how it feels to your customers. Those who are frail or have limited ability could find even the smallest defect to be a challenge.

If you’ve got something to sell, you’re not doing yourself any favours by making it hard for your potential customers to come and get it.

The Solution

The Hallmark Commercial team are quick, experienced, and diligent when it comes to broken doors. If your door handle is broken, we’ll repair it fast. But we’ll also check out the hinges, the latch, the striker plate, the clearance, and the seal. All at no charge. If we find any issues, we can propose an effective solution. Fixing issues before they become big problems is not only cheaper, but less headache for you too.

Don’t put up with broken doors. If you’ve got a door issue, call our Operations Manager Doug today on 0415 585 553. Or drop him a line here.