A customer of ours owns a chain of retail stores. 25 in fact. They recently had a Health and Saftey audit that resulted in some recommendations. One of these recommendations was that door closers be fitted to every front door. They approached us to take care of this, but we thought we might be able to save them some money. Through some careful questions, we were able to propose a solution that will save them thousands. The idea? Door stops.

The specific door closers they thought they needed are commercial grade closers that hold the door open automatically when it’s opened to it’s fully opened position. They’re about $240 each. In this instance, the idea was that in the event of a fire, the door being automatically held open is safer for everyone to escape.

Door Closers VS Door Stops

But, we found a much cheaper option in the form of door stops designed to do the same thing. These door stops are only $20 each. So just by knowing what we’re doing, and being conscious of what’s best for our customers, we were able to reduce their materials costs on this exercise form $6,000 to $500.

Not all maintenance contractors would have thought to do this though. Most would just proceed with the original plan. But at Hallmark Commercial, we know that when our customers are doing better, so are we. If we can save you money, you’re more likely to use our services again. It’s a principle of service like this that our company is built on.

Who’s looking after you?

Is your maintenance team looking out for you like this? Are they aware that something as simple as the right choice in door stops could mean thousands that stay in your pocket?

For a better level of service and advice on your maintenance needs, contact our Operations manager Doug today, on 0415 585 553. Or, drop him a line here.