Maybe I’m a weirdo, but for me, one of life’s simplest pleasures is a door that works perfectly. Doors that go unnoticed, because they’re so perfectly convenient and easy.

You know those doors? The ones you can open with one hand while you carry fifty items with the other. The doors that close consummately behind you without you needing to do a thing. And when they do close, they softly latch, without banging into the door frame like raging bull.

For me, this is a source of great joy and satisfaction (okay, I think we’ve now established that I’m a weirdo). But who can say they’ve never been on the receiving end of a dodgy door?

But it’s also important for your customers. They don’t want everyone staring at them when the door slams. Or worse, you don’t want them giving up because they can’t open the door to your premises. It’s such a simple and overlooked concept, but a perfectly working door can really enhance the ‘customer experience’.

How do your staff feel about the doors at your workplace? When they come in with six coffees for their colleagues, do they swear and spill coffee everywhere because the door doesn’t cooperate? Or do they seamlessly enter the room like the caffeine heroes that they are?

But all jokes and hyperbole aside, functioning doors WILL improve the quality of your work-life, and everyone’s who comes to your place of business. And it’s not complicated, or costly to ensure your doors are in tip-top working condition.


Next time you’re fighting with that door, stop. Call for back-up. We can get in there, appease the cranky door, and provide you with one less source of stress at work.

To talk to us about eliminating all your door frustrations, contact our Operations Manager, Doug, on 0415 585 553. Or, drop him a line here.