Last week we undertook some end of lease works for an organisation that was leaving their commercial property. Unfortunately for them, they called us in towards the end of the process. Calling us in late cost them big time. If they had contacted us before starting the process, we could have saved them a lot of money.

You see, end of lease works is what we specialise in. We have all the knowledge, contacts, and experience, in making the exit from a commercial property easy and affordable. We can manage all the trades (at better prices than you will get) and we know what to look for to prevent unwelcome surprises.

Plus, with us managing everything, you don’t have staff time taken up with phone calls, emails, and problem-solving. And believe me, if you don’t use HALLMARK COMMERCIAL, there will be time-sucking problem solving to be done.

When you decide to end your lease, call us. We’ll attend the property with you, and listen to everything you’ve considered. We’ll then conduct an inspection of the site and point out anything that may have been overlooked. When these overlooked items are picked up early, they can be included logically in the plan of attack.

We’ll then give you a price for us to manage the entire end of lease works. That’s it! you do nothing else until we send you our bill.

It’s our job to take all the stress and time commitment out of your end of lease efforts so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

It just makes sense. You wouldn’t ask your mechanic to give you a dental check-up. So why would you manage your end of lease works instead of having HALLMARK COMMERCIAL do it for you?

Next time you need to end a lease, contact us early and sit back while we take care of everything.