Operating strictly as a maintenance service for commercial properties, we’re often called upon when commercial tenants are ending their lease. In the majority of commercial leases, there are requirements for leaving the premises in a certain condition. Often this condition is the same condition the premises were in when the tenants moved in. But more often than not an end of lease make-good requires the tenants to undertake other obligations as well.

Often we are able to undertake the required end of lease maintenance within our range of services. We do take on larger make-goods as well though, and in these instances, we offer our Project Management Service. For any busy business, this service is the perfect solution to meeting the lease obligations efficiently and without headaches.


When a business is leaving a tenancy, it might be because they are relocating, or shutting down, or merging, or whatever. Regardless, organising multiple quotes from multiple contractors for multiple tasks is very time-consuming. And if managing a project of this type is not something you have experience in, just getting started can be daunting. Let alone seeing it through to completion.

But if you’re the exiting tenant, you’ve got to get it right. Not getting it right can lead to all sorts of penalties such as having to extend the lease until it’s all done.


Project Management of End Of Lease Make-Goods is something we’re great at. We’ve built up relationships with many fantastic operators and we know what we’re looking for in their quotes. Plus, they’ll give us a better price than they’ll give you. Our relationship with them, and knowing what to look for in their quotes, enables us to avoid any nasty surprises along the way. Plus, we’ll get all the trades through in the right order, which is crucial to ensuring the project runs smoothly.

End Of Lease Make-Goods can be an absolute nightmare, but not if you enlist HALLMARK COMMERCIAL to Project Manage everything for you.

If you need help with your End Of Lease Make-Good, or for any other maintenance queries, contact our Operations manager Doug on 0415 585 553. Or drop him a line here.