Hey folks, I just want to quickly mention the importance of using the right person for the job. We’re currently doing an end-of-lease make-good for a retail customer. Unfortunately for them, the cost is going to be way more than it needed to be. This is because the person they originally used to install all their fittings and racks, didn’t know what they were doing.

The right way and the wrong way.

To attach the metal hanging racks to the walls, they have first attached timber to the plaster walls with wall anchors that won’t come out without causing damage (see photo). They obviously thought these anchors wouldn’t be strong enough, so they have used construction adhesive as well. To get these timber pieces off the wall return the wall to original condition has required hours of repair work and painting.

If they had just used the right person for the job, the metal pieces would have been attached to the stud-work of the plaster wall instead. This is how they’re designed to be installed. When each screw hole is used they more than hold their load rating.

What could have been…

This job should have just involved removing fittings, some minor wall prep, and then painting. As it stands now, the job will blow out to twice what the cost should have been for just that work. All because they didn’t get the right person for the job initially.

Often when a business is leaving a premises, it’s because the business is closing down. The last thing you want when you’re closing down a business is for high make-good costs.

When in doubt…

You can avoid cost-saving mistakes that turn into money-pits later. Always use a reputable installer who knows what they’re doing and is experienced. Financially, you’ll come out better off.

If you’d like any advice on installs or make-good works, contact our Operations Manager Doug

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