The carpark at the supermarket near our office has been in need of fresh line marking for a long time now. I’ve just gotten back from there, and it seems that someone has had a crack at it. It’s terrible though. The carpark doesn’t look any better now than it did before (see photo above).

It looks different. But on the whole, you couldn’t say that it looks better.

They’ve used second rate materials, and whoever applied them, doesn’t know what they were doing. Or just doesn’t care. One of the two (or maybe both).

There’s over-spray everywhere. It just looks really tacky.

Considering that for these premises (and most premises) the carpark is where every customer makes their initial judgement based on first impressions, this is not a smart oversight.

Whether they realise it or not, the customers walking into this supermarket are already in the wrong mindset. They’ve been greeted by a second rate first impression, and that has set the bar. They’ll be subconsciously expecting a second-rate experience the whole time they’re there.

It’s not the supermarket’s fault though. They provide excellent service and products, but the company they used for their line marking has let them down.

If this was done by one of our line marking competitors, then the chances are that we would have charged less (we know where we sit in the market and it’s unlikely anyone would have beaten any quote we would have submitted).

If it was done by a backyarder, for less than what we would charge, then that would explain the terrible quality.

But at what cost? How many customers won’t return after experiencing this first impression? And it doesn’t cost much to do it properly.

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