Amongst other maintenance jobs today, we undertook a quick job for a petrol station that involved re-securing a metal plate on their driveway that leads to the pumps. The metal plate actually covers some rather poor paving that really should be fixed.

Regardless, the property owner has made the right decision in having the metal plate installed. If they’re not ready to have the pavers fixed yet, then covering them with the metal plate will protect people from injury, vehicles from damage, and the property owner for a lawsuit.

The only thing is, this is the second time we have re-secured the plate. It can only be Dyna-bolted into the paving, which is no match for the trucks that drive across it constantly.

If you take into account the first installation of the plate (which we didn’t do), plus the two times we have re-secured it, the accruing repair costs for this plate are increasing. It’s my guess that the costs to install and maintain this plate have already reached the same amount the repairs for the paving would have been.

And the pavers still need repairing.

So by the time the paving maintenance occurs, it will have cost double what it should have.

This is why it’s so important to contract a professional maintenance company for your repairs. We would have told this property owner in the first place that the plate would need to be re-secured muliple times if it was to stay there for any substantial period of time.

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