When a large project comes along, the decision needs to be made whether to manage it yourself, or put it in the hands of someone who’s experienced in Project Management. Project Managers possess a specific set of skills that allow them to research, plan, implement, and complete projects with KPI’s and accountability. These factors are extremely important in Project Management.


At Hallmark Commercial, the most common projects we’re approached for are end-of-lease make-goods. We’ve had eleven years of experience in assisting lease-holders to manage their end-of-lease obligations. This has made us experts in the Project Management of make-goods. We know how to coordinate the end of a lease for commercial property tenants in a way that saves them money and eliminates any potential challenges between them and the landlord.

It starts with the lease. We assist our customers to review their lease and identify what they’re obligated to undertake under the terms. This normally includes some painting and cleaning, but each lease is different and there may be items that have been forgotten or not considered. If not handled efficiently, these can cause cost blow-outs.

We then organise quotes from all trades and contractors, and submit one complete quote for all the works, with a proposed time-frame. Once the quote’s accepted, we take charge of the project and implement everything that needs to be done. We monitor all trades and contractors with quality control checks throughout the project. This culminates in a completed, hassle-free end-of-lease make-good, keeping tenants and landlords satisfied.


But I don’t recommend it

Not just because it’s our bread and butter. But because I’ve seen what can go wrong when someone inexperienced in end-of-lease make-goods gets it wrong. It can cost large sums of money, jobs, and reputation.

If you’re looking to end your lease at any stage, your smartest move is to contact us as early as possible. The more time we have, the more money and hassle we can save you.

To discuss an end-of-lease make-good, or any other project you need managed, phone or Operations Manager Doug, on 0415 585 553. Or drop him an email here.