One of the services we offer that has become increasingly popular lately is scheduled roof and gutter cleaning. In most instances, a customer asks us about gutter cleaning after they experience overflowing gutters during heavy rains. In many cases, the gutters have back-flowed into the roof cavity and caused damage to the interior ceiling-work.

The costs.

Cleaning roof’s and gutters is cheap. Repairing ceilings is not. And ceiling damage is not the only downfall to blocked gutters. Gutters that pool water will begin to rust and then require replacing also. It just makes economic sense to ensure your gutters are cleaned a couple of times per year.

Scheduled Roof and Gutter Cleaning.

At HALLMARK COMMERCIAL, we offer ad-hoc roof and gutter cleaning services, but we also offer a scheduled service. The scheduled service ensures your roof’s and gutters are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year. Always at the end of Autumn, and once or twice more throughout the year depending on the size of your gutters and downpipes and the density of the trees in the surrounding area.

How much is peace of mind worth?

Our customers who use the scheduled cleaning service never have to think about their roof’s and gutters again. They also receive the benefit of having a maintenance professional up on their roof regularly, who can look out for and notify them of any other roof issues that may rise, before they become expensive repairs.

Who’s eligible?

We offer these scheduled services for customers with one premise, and customers with thirty premises, and everything in between. We also offer other services on a scheduled basis such as painting, gardening, and much more.

To find out anything about our roof and gutter cleaning services, contact our Operations Manager Doug on 0415 585 553. Or drop him an email him here.