Do you know what’s on your roof? Perhaps you can take a guess? Maybe an air conditioning unit, and some leaves? If you don’t know, get up there (safely) and have a look (or give us a call and we’ll have a look for you).

Here’s why?

What’s on your roof can become an absolute money-pit. You might be aware that leaf debris in gutters can cause rainwater to pool and eventually rust the gutter through. Gutters themselves aren’t cheap to replace, but it gets worse.

Even if the gutter is fine, leaf debris can cause water to push in under the roof and into the roof cavity. This will often happen when a blocked gutter has the wind blow on it from a specific direction. Once that water is in the roof cavity, think about all the plaster, timber, electrical, and insulation it can destroy.


Yesterday we cleaned the roof of a large retail store. They had water dripping from their plaster ceiling and had quite rightly suspected that it came from a blocked gutter. When we cleaned out these gutters, we noticed rust holes in them. So even though the gutters are now clear, they were still going to get water into the roof cavity.

We used silicone as a short term fix for these holes, but silicone has a poor life span. They now need us to come back and replace roof sheets so they can eliminate their new indoor water feature.

If they had just called us out once or twice a year, the leaf debris would have never have caused water to pool the way it did, and the rust wouldn’t have had such a perfect environment in which to flourish.

If you can’t safely get up on your roof to take look, call us ASAP. You need to know its condition at all times, unless you’re happy to part with big money for preventable repairs.

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