Not all the jobs we do at HALLMARK COMMERCIAL are large ones. Often we’re called to a premises to undertake a little job such as a broken door hinge or a window lock installation. Or even a rubbish removal job such as the one we did this week.


Some low-life had stolen the hot water system and copper piping from one of our customer’s properties. The insurance company organised their own plumber to rectify the issue, but he left a mess of broken bricks and rubbish everywhere. This was on top of the rubbish that had been accumulating on this site already.


But the property manager knew exactly who to call. Within 24 hours we had all the rubbish removed from the site. We recycled all the recyclable materials such as cardboard and metal, leaving only a small amount for landfill. Rubbish removal jobs like this are not expensive at all, and HALLMARK COMMERCIAL undertakes them in a much more economical and ethical way than the other waste service operators out there.


The recycling and sustainability side of things is very important to us. Our commitment to this works out better for our customers too. Rather than paying the ever-increasing costs to dump rubbish at landfill depots, we sort rubbish as we are removing it. We can then take it to the most suitable place for recycling. Many councils now have well-constructed waste depots that allow for the collection and recycling of many materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, soft plastic, polystyrene, vehicle batteries, paint, and more. Dropping these items off for free recycling means we don’t have to pass on dumping fees to our customers.


If you’ve got any rubbish or unwanted items you need removed, give our Operations Manager Doug a call on 0415 585 553. Or drop us a line here.