It’s an unfortunate part of business, but there’s no denying that security is also critical. Commercial properties often house valuable stock and equipment that thieves find tempting. Burglaries are also a pain in the neck with the downtime and fuss involved. Therefore commercial property security is something we must keep on top of if we are to survive in business.


At HALLMARK COMMERCIAL we specialise in nuts and bolts, physical security. Doors, gates, fences, and other physical barriers that keep unwanted intruders off your property. High-tech solutions such as CCTV are fantastic, and we encourage our customers to utilise this technology. But nothing beats keeping offenders off your property in the first place.

These physical barriers aren’t without their own challenges though. They need to be solidly built and securely installed if they are to keep intruders out. They’ll need maintenance at some point too. Preferably¬†pro-active maintenance, as it’s much cheaper than reactive maintenance.


Pro-active maintenance starts with checking. Regular checks to see if everything is functioning the way it should is the best way to spot a small problem before it becomes a large¬†expensive problem. If a door is sticking slightly, it might just need the hinge screws tightened. If those screws aren’t tightened in time, the sticking of the door can get bad enough to damage the door, which leads to repair costs.


In most cases you can conduct an initial inspection of your property yourself. You might like to consider having us come out to give you our opinion, which we’re happy to do free of charge. Or you could call us for an introduction to one of the security specialists we recommend. Where you start isn’t as important as starting itself though.

Don’t let criminals get one over on you. Look into your security today.