There are plenty of maintenance companies out there who can install fittings such as curtain rails, picture hooks, railings, and the like. But, not all of them are tradespeople that you’d want in a sensitive location such as a dental clinic or professional office. It takes a better class of maintenance provider to understand the intricacies of working in such an environment.

Hygiene¬†and cleanliness¬†are considerations that are often overlooked by your average backyard handyman. Do you really want a dirty looking tradesperson in your workplace, with their messy tools and little regard for tidiness? No. You’d much prefer someone who is dressed smartly and appropriately, who is clean and tidy, and who understands that the hygiene standards are important.

Likewise, what about noise? Power tools are noisy, and sometimes that noise can’t be avoided. But often times it can. A lot of tradespeople forget that before power tools were invented, there were other methods of getting a job done. And often these older methods are much quieter than an electric or battery powered hand tool. Sure, non-powered tools can sometimes make the job take longer. But for some clients, a quiet environment is more important than a super-fast result.

And then there’s general manner. We all love an Aussie “Ocker”, but loud voices and crude or impolite speech can damage a business’s image.

If you want someone who is presentable, clean, tidy, and who carries themselves professionally, you want the team at Hallmark Commercial. We can install all your fittings and take care of any other maintenance with professionalism and a great demeanour.

We’ve been doing what we do since 2009. In that time we’ve learnt a lot about what customers who work in sensitive environments need from their maintenance provider.

Our presence in your workplace is a feature, not an issue.

If you’d like to speak with us about what we can do for your business, contact our Operations manager Doug, here. Or on 0415 585 553