Last week I blogged about trip hazards and their potential to destroy your business. This week’s topic is slip hazards, which although are slightly different, are equally dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them, and dangerous for your bank balance too.

What’s the risk?

The obvious risk is injury to anyone who slips on the surface. Broken bones, or worse, cause unnecessary pain and suffering to unsuspecting victims.

But then there’s the potential risk of litigation. If anyone is unfortunate enough to sustain an injury from a slip hazard on your property, prepare to get your lawyer on the phone (I hope they’re good too).

But there’s also the risk of bad publicity. This can be worse than a lawsuit when it comes to financial pain. If you get a reputation for being dangerous, or not caring about your customers, you can kiss your turn-over and profit goodbye.

What can we do?

First and foremost, cordon off the area. In a safe manner, make the slip hazard area inaccessible to the general public. Also warn staff and colleagues that the area is off-limits.


We can assess the issue, then give you a quote for a solution. In some instances we may be able to propose multiple solutions with various price tags. Regardless, we can find a way to eliminate that hazard and protect you and everyone around.

What if it’s too late?

If someone has hurt themselves, we can’t advise on the best legal way to handle that. What we can say though, is that showing that you took active steps to repair the situation as soon as possible to prevent further injury to anyone else could look good in your favour when it comes to stating your case.

It’s not something we want to think about, but for everyone’s sake (including your own) it’s best to have a plan in place early.