Unless your Bunnings or Coles, your business has probably experienced the challenges of space. Whether it’s retail, office, or industrial, we all find ourselves wishing we had more space at some stage. Racking and shelving can greatly improve the amount of space in your business premises, if it’s coordinated correctly.


Retail stores seem particularly prone to having space issues. Perhaps it’s because we want our customers to enjoy plenty of room and displays in our showroom. This can lead to cramped and untidy sock areas where as much stock as possible is crammed into an unrealistic space. These spaces also often double as a kitchenette and staff area. But no one likes having to move three boxes before they can make a cup of coffee.


Offices are often a little better, until the business grows the staff levels. At this point, storage rooms are re-assessed and turned into staffing areas. Two storage rooms are often combined into one, creating a room that you can barely enter, let alone manage.


Industrial space is a different challenge altogether, usually requiring storage solutions that can handle large weights. Racking and shelving in industrial premises such as warehouses and factories is a project best handled by a professional. If it’s not designed and installed properly for purpose, accidents, injuries, and lawsuits are inevitable.


If you’re having space issues, and you’d like some free, professional advice, give us a call. We’ll send an expert out to assess your space and propose a solution to free up some room for you. We work with the best suppliers in Adelaide to assess, design, supply, and install the perfect storage solution for your premises.

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