Tiling is known to be expensive. But let’s call it what it is. It’s overpriced. I know that comment is going to anger the Tilers out there, but I’m speaking from experience. The photos above are the ‘before’ and ‘during’ shots of a tiling job we are halfway through at the moment. This job was quoted by two other Tilers before we were called in to give our opinion. After we submitted our quote we were told that our price is less than half of what the other two quotes were.

Tiling. It’s a rort.

Don’t play their game. You don’t have to.

And it’s not just Tilers either. We see it all the time, where tradespeople try to take advantage of people. Whether it’s the customer’s lack of knowledge, a shortage of qualified tradespeople, or just simple unethical behaviour. The industry is rife with operators who are out there trying to make a buck as quickly as possible, regardless of the outcomes.

There are trustworthy tradespeople around.

We offer as many services as we can, in-house. That is to say, we subcontract work out to other tradespeople, only when we can’t do the job within our own staff’s capabilities and qualifications. We’ve been doing this for more than 11 years now, so when we do have to subcontract work out, we’ve accumulated a list of tradespeople we can trust. We know that these contractors will look after our customers the way we want them looked after.

Call us first. Or at least second.

Whenever you’re getting a quote, let Hallmark Commercial throw our hat in the ring. We’ll either provide a better price, or give you peace of mind that other contractors are pricing fairly. Phone our Operations Manager, Doug, on 0415 585 553, or drop him an email here.