How many times have you used a toilet somewhere only to be completely dissapointed. Either by its cleanliness (or lack there-of), or the lighting, or how it’s been maintained… Did this make you want to come back? I doubt it.

It’s astonishing how many business owners just don’t think about the impression their toilet makes. Sure, it’s the place we go to do the things we’d rather not talk about, but the experience clients have in your toilet can often be the difference between them coming back, or you never seeing them again.


Firstly, keep them clean. If that’s not a job for you or your staff, contract a GREAT company to take care of it. Any expense will be insignificant when compared to the potential loss of business that comes from having customers disgusted. If your cleaners aren’t doing an INCREDIBLE job of keeping your toilets clean…SACK THEM. There’s plenty of cleaning companies out there (and if you need a tip, we recommend these guys).

Secondly, keep them maintained. Fittings and hardware for toilets aren’t overly high priced. I mean, you could pay more than $500 for a toilet seat sure, but a decent one will only set you back $20 (don’t buy the $6 toilet seat, you’ll be replacing it in no time). Tap sets, flat pack vanity units, TP holders, soap dispensers…all of these items can be quite reasonably priced, and easy to replace.

Thirdly, painting. Although not the most pleasant job in the world, painting toilet walls and ceilings is easy. There’s even special paints you can apply to the floor, depending if it’s tiled, or concrete, or even vinyl. And keep the left over paint for touch-ups. Conducting regular inspections of the paint work and undertaking regular touch-ups will ensure your toilets keep their “just-painted” feel.


Yep. If you can just keep in mind the three tips above, you can pretty much guarantee your toilets aren’t going to send your clients running for the hills.

But, why stop there? How about getting the edge over your competitors? What about if the quality of your toilets meant that customers stopped going to your competition and started coming to you instead?


Absolutely they can. Imagine you own a hotel (or maybe you do). Hotel toilets are notoriously poorly maintained. But what if your toilets were so impressive that they became a talking point. Especially for women.

Speaking as a guy, I’ll confess that I don’t know much about what women think. What I do know though, is that I have heard many women talk about the quality of toilets in hotels. So picture a hotel toilet that was so well maintained, so clean, and so impressive that your female clients start telling their friends about it. And colleagues. And associates. Nothing beats word of mouth, and if your hotel has a reputation for having the best toilets around, your patronage is going to increase.


Now we’re talkin’. But actually, there’s too many options to list here. Everything from decals, to ornaments, to furniture. You can take your toilet from being the room in the house that people spend the least amount of time possible in, to being the room they won’t want to leave.

We’re experts at creating amazing toilets and washrooms. To hear about the impact it could have on your business, send us an email here, and we can chat about what options there are for your budget.