Most of our customers are professionals who are experienced in the management of commercial properties. As such, a big part of what we do is the elimination of trip hazards. Experienced commercial property professionals understand that the costs involved in eliminating a hazard can be far outweighed by the costs of litigation.


Shifted pavers (such as those in the photo), broken concrete, lifting carpet, damaged fittings. All of these maintenance issues can become legal issues if they’re not acted on quickly. Commercial property owners have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for people to walk in and through. When a hazard presents itself, it’s imperative they get that hazard eliminated before anyone gets hurt.


The costs of an injury claim can end up well in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of the paving repair in the photo above was only a couple of hundred. So it’s a pretty easy decision to act on hazards as soon as they are identified.


If you own commercial premises, enlist the help of the people who utilise the premises to help you keep ahead of hazards. Let them know that if they tell you about potential hazards, you’ll act on them immediately. Shopping centres have tenants and cleaners who can spot things early. Offices will often have a WHS Officer. These people can all be motivated to help you identify hazards before anyone gets hurt.

Many of our clients trust us to take care of these hazards as soon as we see them. We may be at their property fixing something else, and if we see a hazard we either fix it or cordon it off straight away. This protects our client, and they appreciate it.

If you have any concerns about hazards or injury claims, give our Operations Manager Doug a call on 0415 585 553. Or, drop him a line here.