I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the price of line marking in Adelaide. I struggle with why it’s so high.

To be fair, I’m not sure how line marking in Adelaide compares price-wise with the other Australian states. But it’s high regardless. I can say this with authority, as we offer line marking services and often our customers will tell us what our competition has quoted them. It can be astonishing.

We don’t quote based on what the market is charging. We price our work based on the man-hours required, the cost of materials, and a couple of other factors that affect our overheads such as job location, etc. And we consistently come in well under what our competitors are quoting.

It feels like our competitors are charging “what they can” as opposed to “what it costs”.

I don’t think it goes as far as collusion. IĀ  just think that with the majority of line marking companiesĀ being overpriced, the market price has been inflated.

But you don’t need to pay those inflated prices.

You can get quality, and efficient line marking services at reasonable prices. As I mentioned above, we quote jobs based on what it costs us to undertake the work. Not based on what our competitors are charging. In an overpriced market, this keeps us consistently cheaper.

Do you want to be guaranteed the best price on line marking in Adelaide?

At Hallmark Commercial, we offer such a guarantee.

We’re so confident that our price beats everyone else, that we guarantee that if any other company gives you a written quote that is cheaper than ours, we will then beat it by 10%.

If you’re after a great price on line marking in Adelaide, get in touch with me here and we’ll organise a quote. Or, phone me on 0415 585 553.